Реализованные проекты

Сергей Эс. Биография 4. Да винчи. 2022. Аэрозольная краска, цифровая печать на синтетическ

Biography 2022

In 12 canvases, I show a retrospective of my life: from the moment of realizing myself as a person to the current moment

Кости Адама 2.0 #001-1 (оригинал) 1080х1080.jpg

Adam’s bones 2021

A series of works on a free topic

Сергей Эс. Сенестопатия 2 2022, акрил, аэрозольная краска, маркеры на холсте, 60х60 см (19

Cenesthopathy 2022

A narrative in 12 canvases about an attack of cenesthopathy from its very beginning to the time when the medicine took effect

МентПласт для меню.jpg

Mental plasticism 2020

In the series of abstract illustrations, I refer to the distorted perception of the “abnormal perception” of people with mental problems by the “normal consciousness”

Сон Рок-н-рольщика в Священном Саду. 2021, акрил, аэрозольная краска, маркеры на холсте, 1

Paintings outside of the series 2021-2022

The paintings in the concept of my creative vision that are not connected by a common storyline

Традиция татуировки 1920x1280.jpg

Talisman paintings 2022

This section contains works done for my clients on a specific topic. Each painting is a talisman that brings good luck