The main subject I work with is the transformation of images, concepts, ideas, forms and meanings in the consciousness and unconscious of an individual whose thinking is qualitatively and fundamentally different from the generally accepted standards and norms.

I explore the influence of my mental characteristics on understanding processes such as art, creativity, and the search for meaning.

What is reality? What is a dream? What is thought? What is everything else and how do I conscious that?

The process of creation in my work differs from the classical one in that it is controlled by the periphery of the unconscious or by something or someone, but not by me. I do not work on artwork in the ordinary sense, as other artists do, I do not select colors, I do not build a composition. I ask the Universe a question and get an answer in the form of an image, which I then transfer to the canvas. Often the view comes in a dream or half-sleep.

When working with canvas and paints, I also trust the inner impulse. Personally, I don't know how best to mix colors or convey volume, but someone, some part outside of my mind knows, and I trust it.

Until recently (not counting custom-made works) I have brought to life the images that spontaneously visited me, but now I am working on several themes combined into projects.

I am a resident of Outsiderville Gallery.


October 11, 1988 - Born as a human. 


2003 - I begin to suspect that either something is wrong with me, or something is wrong with the world around me. 


2007 - the first psychosis. First hospitalization. Schizotypal disorder (F21) was diagnosed. I create the first conscious picture. I understand that I'm drawn to fine arts. 

2008 - I Enter the NSPU at the Department of Decorative and applied arts in the specialty of art. 


2009 - because of prohibitions to work, to create as I want, claims that there is no such black color in nature that I use and other restrictions I drop out of school.


2010 - Diagnosed with schizophrenia (F20). Assigned 2 permanent degree of invalidity.

2011-2017 - Dark, troubled times of my life. Problems with drugs and the law. Fine art goes to the periphery of my life. I create in fits and starts, haphazardly.


2018 - I receive my second course of electrocinvulsive therapy, and also drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


2019 - Involuntary commitment by the court decision for the deeds of my past. At the hospital, I experience my rebirth as an artist. My own unique vision, style, and conception of art begin to take shape. I rush into self-education in the field of visual art. Joining Outsiderville Gallery


2020 - By the court decision, hospital treatment changes to outpatient treatment. I move to my hometown and equip my studio. I begin to reflect deeply on art, try to go beyond my own event horizons, travel to the outskirts of unconsciousness, explore new techniques. Right now I undergo a depressive phase. It means that almost every action takes hard effort. I work as much as I can.